A safe and secure home for your web site

Our standard web site hosting package is just £7 per month.

We can provide hosting that it is:

  • Secure - hosting is provided on an Ascend Internet server housed at a secure location. To guard against hackers, our servers are protected by a SonicWall hardware

    A nightly back up of your web site is stored at another location in case of a disaster.

  • Reliable - your web site will be available for your customers to view 24/7. Our server and it's connection to the Internet is continuously monitored by a third party company, as well as us.

  • Fast - our server and it's connection to the Internet is fast, so your customers will be able to load your web site and navigate through it without delay.

  • Accessible - you have full access to your web site using FTP, if you require it. If there is ever a problem, or you need our assistance we are just a phone call or email away.

Want more details on what we provide and information on our optional extras? Then take a look at the detailed information page.

Online management and help

We have a customer support area where you can manage your account. You can update your personal information as well as view information about your hosting account. There are also handy links to useful documents and other systems where you can manage your email accounts, view web site visitor statistics and more.

By the way

Did you know that some hosting and domain name registration companies will charge you if you decide to move away from them? These charges are often hidden away in the small print, so their full price is not always obvious.

If you need to move away from us, for whatever reason, we will not charge you to transfer your domain, or an admin fee to close your account or anything else! In fact, we will do all we can to ensure a smooth transfer.

All prices exclude VAT

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