Domain names

A valuable asset to your business

The right domain name is a valuable asset to your business. We can help you research, select and purchase your domain names.

We are able to register the following domain names. Prices include all registry fees.

  •,, - £10 for 2 years
  • .uk - £7 per year
  • .com, .net, .org - £12 per year
  • - £70 for 2 years
  • .eu - £12 per year

If the type of domain is not in the list above, then please contact us for a quote.

Domain name renewal prices are the same as above. All prices exclude VAT.

Domain Pointers

A domain pointer is a domain name that points to another domain name. It is purchased and renewed in the same way as any other domain name, but it is used slightly differently.

For example you may wish to register both the .com and versions of your domain name. The version can be linked to your web pages, and the .com version can point to your version.

Therefore whether someone enters the or .com domain name into their web browser they will see the same web site.

The only cost is the purchase of the domain name itself, we do not charge to setup or host domain names that point to your main domain name. An unlimited number of pointer domain names can be directed to your main hosting account.